New 2013 CA Vehicle Code Laws Range the Gamut

vehicle codeLots of new laws pertaining to vehicle operation in California. This one, in particular, seems largely unenforceable (nevermind absurd) to me:

“There are also two new laws related to recreational off-highway vehicles. One (AB
1595, Cook) defines an off-highway motor vehicle to include a recreational off-highway
vehicle (ROV) and establishes additional requirements governing its safe operation. The
other law (AB 1266, Cook), which goes into effect July 1, 2013, prohibits a passenger in
an ROV from riding in a seat location not designed and provided by the manufacturer. It
also prohibits operation of the ROV if the passenger is not seated with both feet on the
floorboard and able to grab the occupant handhold with the seat belt and shoulder belt or
safety harness fastened”

Full text: