How You Really Feel?

A DIFFERENT LIST now boasts the name of former North Coast lawmaker Michael Allen. Voters decided in November that Allen had served long enough in the state Assembly. Sent packing, he did what ex-legislators often do, he went in search of a cushy political appointment. His crony John Perez, the speaker of the Assembly, hooked him up as a member of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, a position that pays $128,000 a year.

With that appointment, Allen joins the roster of the Election Losers’ Last Laugh Club of Sacramento. He’ll collect about $2,500 a week and likely will never be heard from again.

A notable quote.  As if Mr. Smith is content to not hear from Michael Allen again.  I can’t fault an opinion, but the PD staff sure seem hellbent against Michael Allen for some reason.  I’d love to know the reason.

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