YOU NEED TO DO IT: Depression Buddy Check.

Surprised the hell out of myself in a private chat just now.

Commiserating with a coworker over instant message about the passing of Jonathan Glass… sad as hell. Also HEARTBREAKING that *we* didn’t have a chance to help him. Depression is usually such a secret – but it really doesn’t need to be!!

In my sad rage I typed: “people need to talk more! Help each other. Do you suffer from depression? I’m AOK, myself…”

Coworker replied: “Yes”

….fascinating, healthy, trusting, caring discussion ensued. We now have code words, and a tacit understanding that if this person is in a DARK TIME, or a MELANCHOLY PERIOD, I’m going to be *perfectly comfortable* and EMPOWERED to try and help.

Jonathan Glass. Already missing you.

Folks who suffer depression need a SAFETY NET. YOU, good friends, need to ask around… Buddy check. Please? Losing Jonathan was too much.

Depression Buddy Check. It’s high time.

Rest in peace, Jonathan.  We’ll all be looking after the family you left.