Catherine Barnett and Much Ado About Meddling

Black, White and Red all over.

Black, White and Red all over.

Given the fragile state of print media and our new local ownership which may need to shake things up a bit, I can easily imagine why publisher Catherine Barnett might want to make a fuss beyond the already over-sold “As Santa Rosa Turns”.

But, really?  It’s not OK to keep an application process for a job selection secret – even given that the selection and interview process will be 100% open to the public?

I think you have bigger fish to fry than this, Ms. Barnett.

We can’t help but wonder who might really have an interest in meddling with the Political Process in our great community… Mr. Bosco?  Is that your influence there?

Santa Rosa won’t identify council applicants, for now |



Someone needs to find something more constructive to do.
Apparently the unsigned article may have had something to do with Mr. Guillixson having a stick in his craw:

It Takes An Editor (quitting)

…in order for the press to stop and take notice.

I’ve noticed a trend – that many journalists are much more interested when an Editor-in-Chief of a long-respected technology and culture magazine quits his job to play with toys drones.  Also just heard a primer segment hinting at a bigger audio piece to be aired on Marketplace later today.

“These days, we tend to think of “drones” in a military context. But drones are popping up in a number of fields, including firefighting and newsgathering. A new company that makes them is run by a former editor of Wired magazine and a 26-year-old engineering whiz from Tijuana. Reporter: John Rosman

The Market For Robotic Drone Aircraft Takes Off: The California Report | The California Report.

Vanity or Polio?

Santa Rosa Mayor Scott Bartley would like to end Polio.

Mayor Scott Bartley wants to end polio...

Mayor Scott Bartley wants to end polio…

Funny, though, that when PressDemocrat readers click this ad, they’re directed to Santa Rosa’s Rotary page which touts Mayor Scott Bartley…

…Rather than the Rotary International “End Polio” campaign page… That’s another click away – if you can find it.  (it’s in the upper right corner of the 5130 page:

Solomon, Lawson, that other candidate, and what Obfuscation can do to your credibility…

So, Who Is Stacey Lawson was Paul Andersen.!/pca67

Really wish he had the fortitude to be honest about it from day 1. Time will tell, but I suspect it’ll hurt his personal credibility working for/with future races because he decided to keep it a secret for more "bang". Someone forgot to tell Paul that in the new 21st Century reporting, transparency is also credibility.

I also am skeptical of the timing of his departure from that other lady’s campaign (left the day the domain was purchased)… but what difference does it make? I’m having a hard time remembering her name – a non-candidate.

On balance: Lawson is a wacky spiritual freak who feels that being rich, intelligent and well-connected are enough to buy a campaign. And, sadly (it actually breaks my heart) her supporters all seem to be of the very same ilk. They’re wrong, and the only way that we’ll show them is at the voting booth.

Lastly: Negative mailers have been getting a lot of ink and talk lately. Norman Solomon is right about every word of his mailers… although he needs to fire his [fucking] AWFUL graphic designer – relying on photos of old ladies, pinocchio, Meg Whitman? Seriously… if it makes me think twice, I can only guess there’s a fence-sitting *exodus* of potential Solomon voters happening right now. But they aren’t jumping ship for Lawson (our mystic savior?) – they’ll be voting for Huffman – heir apparent. Disappointed, Norman. You need to make this right, ASAP, or Tuesday is the last day.

Another Year, Another Lesser of all Evils kind of election.