CHRP is asking …

CHRP is asking the Board of Supervisors to regulate Ratna Ling, enforce the General Plan and protect rural Sonoma County.


March 2013

Dear Friends & Neighbors

Thank you for your previous support of the community efforts to oppose Ratna Ling’s industrial printing operations. This is an update regarding the status of CHRP’s opposition to Ratna Ling’s Use Permit Application. The issue has not gone away.

In 2008, Ratna Ling Retreat Center applied for a General Plan Amendment, and proposed building a 108,300 sf complex of two, two-story, underground book storage caves and an exhibition hall. In response to this proposal, neighbors organized and circulated a petition in opposition to the expansion. As a result of this petition, Ratna Ling dropped their proposed GPA and abandoned their proposed building plans. This was an important victory and it was your 170 signatures that stopped this “big box” sized facility from being built in rural Sonoma County.

Previously however, in 2007, the entire Dharma Publishing (DP) book manufacturing, storage and distribution operation, the “largest publisher of Tibetan books in the world”, was moved from an industrial area of Berkeley to the Ratna Ling Retreat Center. Industrial scale printing is now the primary land use of Ratna Ling Retreat Center, which violates their “Retreat Center” Use Permit and defies RRD zoning regulations and the Sonoma County General Plan.

A Complaint of Code Violations was filed in 2010 by CHRP. RL was found to be in violation but PMRD required RL to either comply with their 2004 Use Permit or apply for a new use permit. RL’s new use permit application, PLP08-0021, seeks to legalize all violations of their 2004 use permit and triple the size of their printing and storage facilities, quadruple the number of press workers, remove any numerical limit on book production and double the permanent population of the Retreat Center.

Those of you who attended the Board of Zoning Adjustments Hearing in April 2012, and/or signed a petition against the massive expansion of Ratna Ling’s printing operations, are well aware that CHRP was not given a fair chance to present its case opposing the expansion. The BZA made the wrong decision. At that time, CHRP filed an appeal with the Board of Supervisors, which will be heard sometime in the next few months. (It has not yet been scheduled)

CHRP is asking the Board of Supervisors to regulate Ratna Ling, enforce the General Plan and protect rural Sonoma County. CHRP has a strong case for having the industrial printing operations scaled back to their 2004 Use Permit conditions, based on the following issues:

1. Numerous unresolved violations of their 2004 use permit
2. Breach of County general plan & land use policies
3. Ancillary use vs. industrial printing plant
4. Expansion of printing facility from 20,000 sq ft to 60,000 sq ft
5. CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) violations
6. Inadequate mitigated negative declaration in lieu of the required EIR

An attorney who is experienced in CEQA and Land Use issues has been hired to assist with the case. She’s been paid $2,500 as a retainer, which emptied the CHRP account. $10,000 is needed to wage this appeal – that is 100 people donating $100. Any amount is welcome!

Here’s how you can help:
• Send a check for any amount to: Betsy Anderson/CHRP, P.O. Box 618, Gualala, CA 95445 (donating this way is not tax-deductible)
• Make online, tax deductible donations through our sponsor,
the OWL Foundation – Open Space, Water Protection and Land Use (Tax Deductible)
Scroll down to Coastal Hills Rural Preservation CHRP
• Go to our blog or website for a more detailed summary of our position and actions.
• Share this information with friends and interested people

‘Lil Kim, Redux

Let the caricatures begin anew:

Handsome lil devil.

Handsome lil devil.

To his credit, he tried.  He tried to let the West influence him.  Of course, Dennis Rodman isn’t exactly THE person that everyone in America would like to have representing them to DPRK.

But wait!  Dennis is planning his trip back – claiming that peace between ‘lil Kim and Barack would be his greatest accomplishment!

Backfire!  …and we’re back to the same-ole, same-ole:


Santa Rosa artist Matthew Reid (aka: M@) contributed these to EmpireReport several years ago...

Santa Rosa artist Matthew Reid (aka: M@) contributed these to EmpireReport several years ago…

On Not Being Anonymous…

Now, isn’t that interesting?
…whilst doing a little research this evening, came across an old “Watch Sonoma County” article whereby Tom Lynch seems to have invoked my name (is there another Jake who speaks truth to the West & Sonoma County power elite? – do tell).  Sensitive much, Tom?:

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 11.09.36 PM

Jacobi to challenge Carrillo for west county supervisor’s seat | Watch Sonoma County.

Cutting Prose?  Nom de plume?  Give me a break.  Buddy, I’ve been advocating and practicing being anonymity free on these here interwebs since before you became famous with a pile of manure.  That, and I’m not a hypocrite.

ps: I’m tickled about the big news.  If we all stay out of bar fights, it’s certain to get you & your bosses re-elected. Yet again. Or just maybe it’ll backfire.

Santa Rosa City Council Candidates

Learning more about the potential Santa Rosa City Council appointee is what this is all about.  These are the applicants.
Each name is linked to the City of Santa Rosa’s copy of the applicant’s application.  I’ll add links to any & all background information I can find on each applicant.
If you have information that others may be interested in, please email me:
WITHDRAWN: Cobb, Gilbert F – facebook – linkedin

Dark Horses in Santa Rosa

ImageI’m really looking forward to seeing who the “not the usual characters” are applying for Santa Rosa City Council. I know of one that hasn’t made the press yet, and I’m sure there are others.

**Go Dark Horses!**

I love the (absurdly maligned by the PD) process of keeping the application window secret. I love that we all get some level of surprise when the envelope is opened…

“And the applicants are…”

Surely we can all wait until the list is in. Politics in SR is so ugly lately, I think of this sealed process as a breath of fresh air. I’d be willing to bet that if there are applicants other than the usual slate, they will probably suggest this ugly rancor is exactly one of the reasons they didn’t “run” a campaign the more traditional way.

Can’t imagine anything more scary to the Democratic establishment (PD, Bosco, etc): An unknown on City Council?  Oh My!

2 more to vie for Santa Rosa City Council seat | Watch Sonoma County.

Catherine Barnett and Much Ado About Meddling

Black, White and Red all over.

Black, White and Red all over.

Given the fragile state of print media and our new local ownership which may need to shake things up a bit, I can easily imagine why publisher Catherine Barnett might want to make a fuss beyond the already over-sold “As Santa Rosa Turns”.

But, really?  It’s not OK to keep an application process for a job selection secret – even given that the selection and interview process will be 100% open to the public?

I think you have bigger fish to fry than this, Ms. Barnett.

We can’t help but wonder who might really have an interest in meddling with the Political Process in our great community… Mr. Bosco?  Is that your influence there?

Santa Rosa won’t identify council applicants, for now |



Someone needs to find something more constructive to do.
Apparently the unsigned article may have had something to do with Mr. Guillixson having a stick in his craw:

Don’t Click It.

Please don't click these links.  You risk spamming all your connected friends and followers, AND, more importantly, you risk losing all your social cred.

Please don’t click these links. You risk spamming all your connected friends and followers, AND, more importantly, you risk losing all your social cred.

Another one bites the dust.
I do believe that every.single.elected.official (except Tiffany Renee) has managed to click one of the viral vanity twitter bugs.  Don’t do it, folks.  Pay attention.  You’re spamming all of your followers and making it difficult to like you.

David Rabbitt (DavidRabbitt) on Twitter.

Vanity or Polio?

Santa Rosa Mayor Scott Bartley would like to end Polio.

Mayor Scott Bartley wants to end polio...

Mayor Scott Bartley wants to end polio…

Funny, though, that when PressDemocrat readers click this ad, they’re directed to Santa Rosa’s Rotary page which touts Mayor Scott Bartley…

…Rather than the Rotary International “End Polio” campaign page… That’s another click away – if you can find it.  (it’s in the upper right corner of the 5130 page:

With the threat…

Image courtesy

Norman Solomon

“With the threat of a President Romney gone and the continuing scarcity of a progressive moral core in the Oval Office, millions of progressives who understood the tactical wisdom of supporting Obama’s re-election should now recognize that the time has come to renounce his leadership.”

Not being one to shy away from the fore, Norman Solomon has thrown the progressive gauntlet down.

See the full article: New Year, New Era for Progressives and Obama.