Increasing Reports of Orcas on the Sonoma Coast

Living on the coast, as I do, I hear from people fairly regularly that they’ve spotted Killer Whales from time to time.

Do you have any Killer Whale/Orca stories from the North Coast? Please share!

How is that related to this video? Well, it’s not – not at all. But this video is just awesome joy.
How it escaped my awareness until now, I’ll never know.

STRAVA Releases New Annadel Park Map

STRAVA Releases New Annadel Park Map

Not actually a new park map… but an actual representation of how the public is using the park.

STRAVA’s reasons for providing the data will strike a chord with many:

“We are providing this information in anonymous aggregate form to help improve infrastructure and safety for cyclists, runners and pedestrians.”

Check out your favorite park, and learn where the secret trails are. Do it quick – I suspect State Parks and other private organizations will put the kibosh on this amazing tool in short order.