Lunchtime Shenanigans Above and Beneath Santa Rosa

So I’m lunching with my friends Chris and Gabe one day…

Chris & Mr. Burger

Chris & Mr. Burger


Gabe. He’s a man of many talents, tastes, trades and skills. Learn about him here:

Just relaxing.  Enjoying the spoils of life at one favorite little spot known as SuperBurger.  Here is the modest meal otherwise known as The St. Helena:

st. helena

The St. Helena SuperBurger. Fuel.

And Gabe says, “so Jake, you’ve really never been in the tunnel beneath City Hall?”

“No, never”  I answer.

“Well, let’s go.  You want to see that tunnel now.”

It was just like that.  A statement – not a question at all.   And Gabe was right.  He’s got me pegged.  I wanted to see that tunnel.

"No Flashlights"

“No Flashlights”

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