The worldwide discussion of “drones” seems to have so many tangents, we’re all losing the forest for the trees.

Thus, I’m impressed that The Huffington Post, as gruesome and brutal as it is, has the bravery to attempt to refocus the discussion on drones of wartime – and their heinous effects:

droneshuffpoThis is the discussion we SHOULD be having.  “Privacy Advicates” be damned.  The drones we need to address are the ones that kill in the name of MY country.

It Takes An Editor (quitting)



…in order for the press to stop and take notice.

I’ve noticed a trend – that many journalists are much more interested when an Editor-in-Chief of a long-respected technology and culture magazine quits his job to play with toys drones.  Also just heard a primer segment hinting at a bigger audio piece to be aired on Marketplace later today.

“These days, we tend to think of “drones” in a military context. But drones are popping up in a number of fields, including firefighting and newsgathering. A new company that makes them is run by a former editor of Wired magazine and a 26-year-old engineering whiz from Tijuana. Reporter: John Rosman

The Market For Robotic Drone Aircraft Takes Off: The California Report | The California Report.