Santa Rosa City Council Candidates

Learning more about the potential Santa Rosa City Council appointee is what this is all about.  These are the applicants.
Each name is linked to the City of Santa Rosa’s copy of the applicant’s application.  I’ll add links to any & all background information I can find on each applicant.
If you have information that others may be interested in, please email me:
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Dark Horses in Santa Rosa

ImageI’m really looking forward to seeing who the “not the usual characters” are applying for Santa Rosa City Council. I know of one that hasn’t made the press yet, and I’m sure there are others.

**Go Dark Horses!**

I love the (absurdly maligned by the PD) process of keeping the application window secret. I love that we all get some level of surprise when the envelope is opened…

“And the applicants are…”

Surely we can all wait until the list is in. Politics in SR is so ugly lately, I think of this sealed process as a breath of fresh air. I’d be willing to bet that if there are applicants other than the usual slate, they will probably suggest this ugly rancor is exactly one of the reasons they didn’t “run” a campaign the more traditional way.

Can’t imagine anything more scary to the Democratic establishment (PD, Bosco, etc): An unknown on City Council?  Oh My!

2 more to vie for Santa Rosa City Council seat | Watch Sonoma County.

Spreading Sunshine


The Sunflower Project needs your help!

Original Article by Jo Anne Cohn:

Let’s all plant sunflowers outside!

Sunflowers represent the sun, good health, happiness; all the wishes for Santa Rosa neighborhoods.  What better way to spread good cheer all over town than with a sprinkling of golden yellow?  Wouldn’t it be great if we had sunflowers growing in front of places where we live and work this summer?  I love the idea and hope you do too!  It could bring a smile to each of us as we pass them on the street.  Let’s spend time getting to know each other as we watch our flowers grow.

Join me and my friends in kicking off the Sunflower Project in Santa Rosa!  Let’s spread cheer and community in all parts of Santa Rosa by planting and distributing sunflower seedlings! We’ll need some seeds, some greenhouses to grow some seedlings, some Dixie cups to put them in, and some people to distribute them.  Or for some of us, maybe we’ll just need some sunflower seeds that we can plant them directly into our front yards.

I admit it.  I have no idea how this whole thing is going to work but I’m volunteering to help make it happen.  I’ll be glad to help organize the project but I certainly can’t do it alone.  This is where you all come in!

Help!  It’s going to take a village!

These are some of the things we will need to bring sunshine to all of Santa Rosa:  School class projects and Girl Scouts projects to grow and distribute sunflower seedlings, green house space to cultivate starts, sunflower seeds, little cups to put seedlings in, soil, community garden space and lots more.

We also need your creativity to design an instruction sheet on how to plant the sunflowers and create a distribution plan for seedling.  Maybe you’d like to video the project so others can see how sunflowers are springing up all over sunny Santa Rosa. Whatever time or other resources you have to contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Now is the time to get in touch with me so that we can figure out how we can grow sunflowers throughout Santa Rosa.  Let’s see…my email is and my cell is 707-206-8489.  I think that this will be a fun way to meet our neighbors and build community in Santa Rosa. I know that I can’t do it alone.  It’s going to take a village.  Give me a call so you can be part of the (sunny) village!!!

via Santa Rosa Snippets – January 2013.

No Santa Rosa City Council meeting on 3/27

From: Anne Seeley (Santa Rosa Concerned Citizens)
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Subject: No Council meeting on 3/27


No Council meeting on Tuesday, but there is a Charter Review Committee meeting on Thursday, 3/29. They’re held the the Utilities Field Operations Building at 35 Stony Point Road, just south of West College Avenue, at 5PM.

They’re set to discuss enabling Public Works to do Competitive Bidding for Design/Build projects, Finance and Budget items, and cleaning up language on miscellaneous topics.

Recent straw votes (they plan to do the final votes in May) were to unanimously deep-six the Elected Mayor idea, to reverse the vote on District elections to 11 for, to 9 against.

See you! Anne

SEELEY: Santa Rosa City Council agenda highlights for 3/20/12

March 20, 2012 Agenda
From: Anne Seeley

Date: Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 7:34 PM
Subject: City Council agenda highlights for 3/20/12

Friends: The big deal on the Council’s agenda is the new proposal for Police salary and pension changes. But first…

3:00 Special joint meeting of the Council with the Planning Commission.
3.1 Annual Review of the General Plan and the Growth Management and Housing Allocation Ordinances. The review of possible changes to the latter seems to have stalled, and since there hasn’t been much building activity, growth management certainly hasn’t been called into play.

4:00 Regular meeting
Staff Briefings
6.1 Transit Mall Relocation. This summer, the section of 1st Street between Santa Rosa Avenue and D Street will become the Transit Mall while the real location is being renovated.

10.2 Award of Transit Mall Renovation to Santa Rosa contractor RE West Building for $1,882,308.00.

10.4 Improvements to City Bus. The thing to report here (that I didn’t know) is that the City has a "Southside Transit Transfer Station" at Southwest Community Park. Maybe you knew.


11.1 Approval of Amendment 4 to the Memorandum of Understanding for Unit 2 – Fire Fighters. They agreed to Implementation of a new 2nd tier retirement formula for new hires: 3% at 55 and a 36 month final compensation under CalPers rules. These new hires will also pay a 9% of salary Employee Paid Membership Contribution 9EPMC) to CalPers for their pension, which is the same amount the city will contribute.

11.2 Approval for 2 years of the Memorandum of Understanding for Unit 5 – Police Officers. It’s asserted that the City will save $631,000 over 2 years, with $530,000 of savings to the General Fund. The agreement has many elements but the results are these:

a) Over 2 years, the Police Officers will start to pay the Employee Contribution to CalPers in a step-wise manner, with the city compensating them more at each step to make up for their payment responsibility. Since the City has been paying for not only the 9% EmployER contribution, but also for the 9% EmployEE contribution for several years, the net result after 2 years is the city will be paying only the 9% EmployER contribution and paying the Police 8% more than today’s salary. Their conclusion is that the City comes out 1% ahead. There’s also a puzzling 12.452% EPMC reporting cost which the City will be free of at the end of 2 years.

b) The Unit agreed to a 2-tier retirement system in which new hires will have to pay their own 9% contribution to CalPers, and their "First Step" of salary will be reduced by 5%. Their pension will pay 3%at 55, as compared with the current 3% at 50. That means that a Police Officer can now retire at 50 years old and get a pension of 3% of his last year’s salary (it might have been changed to an average of the last 3 years of employment) multiplied by the number of years worked.

c) Agreement to reduce "Persable" compensation by reducing their 144 hour annual holiday payment to 121.5 hours.

Public hearings
11.3 Downtown Rezonings. This is part of the Economic Development planning work, with the City initiating rezonings to prepare more available sites for trouble-free reoccupation or development. The 47 parcels located between 2nd and 3rd Streets between E Street and Brookwood are proposed to have their zoning changed to Office Commercial to bring them into compliance with the General Plan land Use Diagram.

See you there! Anne