MAKE leaving Sebastopol. But was it ever really there?

Dale Dougherty of Maker Media

Dale Dougherty of Maker Media

Maker Media leaving Sebastopol for Berkeley | The Press Democrat

I’m sad to see something as cool as MAKE and Maker Media leave Sonoma County. However, the unfortunate fact remains that, as businesses with eyes towards a national & international niche, neither Maker Media nor O’Reilly Media seem very invested in their surrounding communities in the first place. Regardless, I wish them the best of luck, and hope maybe we’ll see their influence back in Sonoma County some day. ~jake

Where’s Levi?

Levi Leipheimer


Not a single mention of Levi Leipheimer being most notably missing from the Tour of California rosters.  This AP story reads like simple AMGEN PR:  (I’d love to compare the press release to the article)
Tour of California announces 16 teams for May race |

…I’d hope that our LOCAL news would get an interview with Levi… something to follow-up this:

Leipheimer’s Suspension Quietly Ends – No Team in Sight |

Catherine Barnett and Much Ado About Meddling

Black, White and Red all over.

Black, White and Red all over.

Given the fragile state of print media and our new local ownership which may need to shake things up a bit, I can easily imagine why publisher Catherine Barnett might want to make a fuss beyond the already over-sold “As Santa Rosa Turns”.

But, really?  It’s not OK to keep an application process for a job selection secret – even given that the selection and interview process will be 100% open to the public?

I think you have bigger fish to fry than this, Ms. Barnett.

We can’t help but wonder who might really have an interest in meddling with the Political Process in our great community… Mr. Bosco?  Is that your influence there?

Santa Rosa won’t identify council applicants, for now |



Someone needs to find something more constructive to do.
Apparently the unsigned article may have had something to do with Mr. Guillixson having a stick in his craw: