For fun.  Mostly.

And, because regional media doesn’t do a good job of working together. TONS of information is out there, but finding things that are relevant to you is nearly impossible. Empire Report is a content sharing and curation organization with a regional focus on us – our area, the Redwood Empire.

Empire Report has been a long running project of mine. In the early years (2008-2010) I collaborated with a lot of awesome people to make Empire Report a hyperlocal news startup. Of course, never having intended to need a business plan meant it became all-consuming, so we all went back to being parents, partners and people. The news bug has never left me… thus the brand “empirereport.org” lives on.

Why should you have to repeatedly hunt for relevant, useful & entertaining news & information when some of us do it all day, every day, anyway? Well… most of the time. It’s all just an experimental playground in pushing the new media envelope for now. Bits & Pieces & lots of trial & error.  And ampersands. Lots of ampersands.

That’s the idea.  Artistic license in headline re-writing, and elephant in the room pointing.  All about the Redwood Empire – our beloved home.

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